• Baby Tie Wrap stretch - crazy print / Strækvikle

  • kr. 480.00

  • Description

    New colours coming soon! Stay tuned on FB and Instagram!

    Baby Tie Wrap - Strækvikle - is 60 cm x 5 meters
    It is a stretch wrap
    Organic cotton
    95% cotton, 5% elasthane
    Oeko-tex certified
    Wash : 40 degrees
    Use from newborn to as long as the child is supported properly
    Suitable for twins
    Has centre mark, to make the wrap process easier.

    Things to know before you wrap your baby:
    The baby's chin must be lifted from the chest
    The baby's face should not be covered by the fabric
    The baby must be able to breathe without problems
    Support of the baby's neck, back and bottom is important
    The tie wrap must be firm and smooth, but not too tight in the back of the knees and neck
    The knees must be placed higher than the bottom, and the legs must be slightly spread
    The back must be rounded according to the age of the baby
    Placement of the baby must be in "kissing" height
    Make sure to check the temperature of the baby is correct. It should neither be too warm of too cold. 

    Thanks to Lotte Hald Søgaard (the model) - midwife and baby wrapping expert - for her advice and support. Follow her for tips and tricks: slyngejordemoder.dk or find her on Instagram!

    These photos are not meant as a guideline on how to tie. Please go to slyngejordemoder on Instagram for correct guidance.