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Malene / Lili / Marie

A different clothing company

Best Behavior's story is probably a bit different than other fashion brands. We've been in business since 2003, but our company has changed significantly over this period of time. We, Marie Ørberg and Malene Brøchner, founded the brand from scratch by sketching and sewing our own designs in a small studio in Copenhagen and selling to a few shops in Denmark.
From then on, we grew bigger and bigger and became a company with employees, 2 (quite big) collections a year, fashion fairs, a big studio, expensive photoshoots, agents, distributors allover the world and everything else that was normal for a fashion business in growth before the financial crisis.
After 7-8 years of doing business this way, it became too stressful for us and we found ourselves running faster and faster to keep up. We decided we needed a brake from it all - we felt that the company was driving us and not us driving the company any more. The expectations and financial pressure became too hard on us, to the point where we decided to close down the company.
However after a while it was clear to us, that we wanted to continue doing what we loved the most: designing cool clothes and working with great people. We just needed to find a more sustainable way.

Slow fashion

In 2013 we teamed up with Lili Denta and started the new Best Behavior.  Our vision is to be a brand that creates innovative products for women and children but without being dictated by the norms of the ever changing, commercial fashion industry. We do things in our own manner and pace, that's why you'll no longer find specific spring/summer or autumn/winter collections in our current product range. Our styles and fabrics are wearable all year around- year after year. We don't believe that a cardigan from last year is "out of fashion" and we focus on creating great prints and colour combinations that will last and become your wardrobe favorite.  
Almost all our products now are Oeko-tex certified products and made in ORGANIC cotton, and we care about the people who manufacture our clothes as well as the environment. We wish to be transparent about our production. (see pictures below) 
We are proud of being a small, personal company and we love being in contact with our customers in the shop or online, on a daily basis. We are inspired by life in Copenhagen, and YOU- the people who surround us, who buy our clothing and who share the same values.

Our company philosophy is:
Keep it simple
Be personal
Work with nice people
Be sustainable
Behave our best

If you want to know more about us and our everyday lives, follow us here: 


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Our shop in Copenhagen

In April 2016 we opened our shop in the heart of Copenhagen, called GUL , which means "yellow" in Danish. We share the shop with organic yoga wear brand; Yogamii.
The shop address is :
Blågårdsgade 18
2200 Copenhagen N (Nørrebro) 

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday // 11-17.30
Saturday // 11-16

The atmosphere here is relaxed and cosy and you are always welcome to stop by and take a look or have a chat with us. 


Oeko-tex certification and organic cotton


A majority of our products are Oeko-tex certified. And it's not just the fabrics, but the finished product itself, including prints and trimmings. This certification assures you that the product does not contain any substances harmful to you- or your child's - health. The fabric tests are only made in specific test institutes in Europe. You can see under each product on the webshop which ones have the Oeko-tex certification. These products are marked with a special label inside and an extra hangtag on the outside. We will always offer you the choice of products that are Oeko-tex certified. Read more here : Oeko-tex

Terms and Conditions

This is where you can read all about our terms if you shop online:

CSR and manufacturing

Most of our products are manufactured in the south of India in the Tamil Nadu province by a company called Jayaprabha. We have a close relationship with the amazing people at Jayaprabha, and Lili has been working with them since 2001. She has helped Jayaprabha develop and maintain their Code of Conduct and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy throughout the years. This means securing that the standards and rules regarding working hours, salary, work environment, safety and discrimination are being maintained. There is no child labour in Jayaprabha. Lili visits Jayaprabha twice a year and recently, Malene joined her on a trip. We consider Jayaprabha to be a close partner, more than just our manufacturer. They make our ideas come to life. 


 About the sizes

Most of our children's collection is made in 0-6 years, but not all styles are made in all sizes. Some styles are small for the sizes and others are big. We will try our best to guide you. Please read the product descriptions carefully under each product, before buying. 

Here is the size guide for Woman: (European size)
xs = size 34
s = size 36
m = size 38
l = size 40
xl = size 42  (only few things are made in xl)

Please let us know if you have any questions, write them in the comment field when you place your order. We will help  you before we send your order or ask


Danish Indian Child Care

Most of our products are made in India, so for us it makes sense to give something back to the people of India. For every Best Behavior product you purchase that is “Made in India”, we will make a donation to Danish Indian Child Care, and more specifically, a children’s home for girls in South India in a place called, Arni. Our main supplier in India, Jayaprabha, also supports the project, by making the hangtag for free. The project was developed by Sourcing House who is in close contact with Danish Indian Child Care, and has been supporting them for many years. The 28 girls living at the children’s home have had a rough start to life and have been left by parents that are either dead or cannot provide for them. The children’s home provides the girls with security, a better life and an education. This has been made possible by the hard work of volunteers and with help from several sponsoring companies, including Danish fashion brands, where Best Behavior is now one of. See the hangtag. For more information see

And to add a tiny fun fact to the story, it is actually Malene who has designed this new logo for Danish/Indian Childcare, that you see here and on their official website! 


Office + return address: 
The Collective Company (attn. Best Behavior)
Tranevej 16,
2400 Copenhagen NV

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