Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about the environment and the social responsibilities that we have as a fashion company. Therefore, a lot of our jersey products are organic and Oeko-tex certified. This certification assures you that the fabrics do not contain any substances harmful to your health.

Most of our products are manufactured in the south of India in the Tamil Nadu province by a company called Jayaprabha.

Code of Conduct

Our production manager, Lili, has had a close partnership with Jayaprabha for more than 10 years now and visits them at least once a year. In cooperation with Jayaprabha, Lili helps secure that the standards and rules regarding working hours, salary, work environment, safety and discrimination are being maintained. There is no child labour in Jayaprabha.

Danish Indian Child Care

For every product you purchase from Best Behavior that is “Made in India”, you automatically make a donation to a children’s home for girls in Arni, South India. Our main supplier, Jayaprabha, is in close contact with Danish Indian Child Care about this project, and has been supporting it for years.

The 28 girls living at the children’s home have had a rough start to life and have been left by parents that are either dead or cannot provide for them. The children’s home provides the girls with security, a better life and an education.