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Our Story

When we started Best Behvior in 2001 we were passionate about designing and producing casual and comfortable womens wear. We sold around the world and had a setup with a big Best Behavior team.

We wanted to let people feel good in what they wear with our colorful and playful design, a casual fit and soft qualities. However, this is something we are still committed to, because we still experience the joy and commitment from all of you.

In 2013, Lili Denta joined the brand and added a bunch of knowledge, contacts and other great stuff and a new chapter began for Best Behavior.

With her, we decided to add Best behavior Kids (0-6 years) to our brand. Our webshop went online and our physical store opened in Blågårdsgade 18, Copenhagen shortly after in 2016. Previous customers and fans found their way back to us and suddenly we experienced this personal contact with many of you.

We now know what is important to us. Working with great people and being a sustainable and mindful brand makes it meaningful. We are passionate about designing cool and colorful products and we love to host fun and playful events. That’s why we call our values Mindful Colorful Playful

Our Values


We love our Best Behavior Community. Best Behavior has existed since 2001, and the most heart warm likeminded crowd has embraced us since then and more are joining every day.

Here we present some of our favorite stories - brought to you by the amazing Best Behavior Community.

Being part of our Best Behavior community, you will not only lot's of benefits and special invites, we will also ask you to participate more and be our co creators.

Your feedback gives us more than you know and challenge us to be a better version of ourselves, to give better service and create products that meet your needs. But more importantly, we would love to listen to your ideas and share your stories. 

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Best Behavior Shop

We have had our lovely flagshipstore Best Behavior Shop in Blågårdsgade since april 2016. It is a pleasure to have a physical place to gather our community and make it a possibility for people to try on our clothes and feel the materials in real life before purchasing.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy and you are always welcome to stop by. We love to get to know new people - and also to get visits from an old friend.

The shop is situated in the heart of Copenhagen and we love our neighbourhood and street, which is lively with a lot of cosy cafés, shops and people.

Besides Best Behavior we also sell a few other sustainable brands: Yogamii, Coffee Beanies, Ecosparkles and other unique products.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday // 11-17.30
Saturday // 11-16

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Who made our clothes

Most of Best Behavior products are manufactured in Tirupur (South India) by a manufacturer called Jayaprabha. Since 2003 we have built a close relation the Jayaprabha team, and together with Lili, our production guru, standards for fair working hours, good work environment and safety.

Lili was working with Jayaprabha since the time when they had only one sewing machine. Today they employ more than a 1000 workers.

At least once a year, we visit Jayaprabha and they visit us. We consider them a close partner, and are so grateful that they make our ideas come to life.

Who made your clothes

Who we support

In cooperation with Danish - Indian Child Care, we support the Danish Indian Children's Home for girls, which is located in the same region as our suppliers in South India in the province of Tamil Nadu. The orphanage opened in February 1999 and currently houses around 30 girls.

These girls often don’t have any parents or are otherwise unwanted children, who have had a really tough start in life. At this home the girls get a new family, a safe childhood and the opportunity to educate themselves.

All our products carry a hang tag. When you buy one of our products, you support Danish - Indian Child Care.


Danish Indian Child Care

Meet the team

Malene Brøchner
Malene Brøchner

Malene is founder, owner, designer and production responsible for Best Behavior. She’s a multitasking, creative and generally quite happy person. Malene is a DJ in her free time. She’s very involved in creative projects for parties and festivals and she makes costumes for her DJ gigs in her free time. She’s loves the trips to India, but she is also  committed locally  as a member of Blågårdsgade trade union, where Best Behavior Shop is located.

Marie Walsøe Ørberg
Marie Walsøe Ørberg

Marie is founder, owner, designer and developer for Best Behavior. She lives in a cosy little community outside of Copenhagen with her husband and their two children whom you might recognize from Best Behavior kids wear photos. She loves yoga, travelling, interior projects at home and spending time with the close friends from the community they live in. She is passionate about arranging events, her childrens school and lots of social and creative projects.

Lili Denta
Lili Denta

Lili is our administrative guru and she always has a thousand projects at the same time. She started a very close collaboration with the manufactor called Jayaprabha in 2003, who is now the main supplier of Best Behavior. She is part owner of Best Behavior and Yogamii and a few other companies. When she needs a break from corporate life, she practices nature- and plant medicine, while taking care of her huge number of grandchildren in her summerhouse outside of Copenhagen.

Sofia Giese Sørensen
Sofia Giese Sørensen

Sofia started as our intern long time ago. Now she helps out in the shop from time to time. She loves nature, dogs and horses, is always super sweet and helpful and is actually doing a bachelor in textile design and communication.

Fenjah Molie Holm
Fenjah Molie Holm

Fenjah is our nature healing woman with roots deep in the Danish forrest. She works with women doing sound- and body movement, when she’s not spreading her smiles and good vibes in the shop.

Anna Lindquist Olsen
Anna Lindquist Olsen

Anna always greets the customers in the shop with a big smile and her warm, kind personality. If you wonder why she resembles Lili quite a lot, it’s because she’s her daughter. Anna travels a lot with her studies and loves to go on yoga retreats.

Louise Elfi Sóley Gade
Louise Elfi Sóley Gade

When Louise is not helping out in Best Behavior shop, she's probably busy teaching dance, yoga or psycomotoric therapy! This sweet girl knows how to move her body and loves to do so in our comfy clothes.

Maja Bjerregaard
Maja Bjerregaard

Maja welcomes everyone in the shop with a huge smile and a warm, fun and open attitude. She can talk with everyone. We are very glad she decided to move back from Berlin to join the Best Behavior team. She loves yoga and the mindful lifestyle. 

Stine Brink
Stine Brink

Stine describes herself as a yoga-devotee, a yoga teacher, a healer, a nutritionist, a dreamer, a dancer, a creator. And the best part is, that her mission is to share it all with the world. She has a huge knowledge about the real history of yoga and we love that she wants to be a part of our Best Behavior community and shop. Read more about her story here