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Measures 70 cm from top to bottom, and it fits up to an 10 months baby approx, depending on the size of the baby.
As the name indicates, this item is used to wrap your baby, perhaps before you put baby into the stroller for a nice nap or in the car seat, which it fits perfectly.
Babies love to be wrapped up, and this wrap has 2 different button settings on the outer layer , so you can chose how tight you want it. Inside there is a strap that has 3 different button settings, to hold the fabric that covers the baby in place. The fabric over the baby’s head keeps the head warm. The wrap is double layered, (with extra warm padding between the layers) sweat on the outside and jersey inside, but is not reversible. 

We have added 2 holes on the back, so now you can even use the Baby Wrap in a car seat!

Jersey fabric: 100% cotton
Sweat fabric: 100% cotton
The fabrics are Oeko-tex certified.

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