Meeting Stine Brink

Meeting Stine Brink

This is Stine Brink, part of our Best Behavior Community. She visited us in the shop the other day and tested a lot of our clothes to see if it was useable for her yoga classes. And it was! 

Stine describes herself as a yoga-devotee, a teacher, a masseuse, a healer, a nutritionist, a dreamer, a lover, a dancer, a creator. And the best part is, that her mission is to share it all with the world. We ended up talking for 2 hours about all sorts of interesting topics and found out we had a lot of views on life in common. We spoke about India, spirituality, on how to practise yoga in the Western world, on how to live a sustainable and mindful life and told us about how she learned yoga and her own "journey". 

Stine has a huge knowledge about the real history of yoga and knows all the words and terms in the ancient, original language; Sanskrit. You can follow her on instagram if you want to learn how you can use yoga for personal development or if you just want to follow a devoted yogi. 

Here she describes why she is a part of the Best Behavior Community:

'I love Best Behavior because the business values are about non-harming. Doing as little harm as possible for the earth, working with timeless designs, sustainable and organic material and it is created and produced under good conditions'.

'Thank you for providing the world with such quality and sustainable clothing. It's AMAZING!'