Trip to Delhi

Trip to Delhi

Sitting on the plane on our way home from one week in Delhi - blown away from impressions, people, colors and noises all over the place.

Even though Delhi and India is far from nice and clean (read: trash, unfinished buildings and messed up powerlines everywhere), then we're still in love with this country and this culture.

People are so nice and friendly to each other. Many people gives something to poor people - even if it's just some water. They are polite, trustfull, smiling and colorful in their beautiful saries on their way to their temples.

And even though they have so many different beliefs, they seem very openminded to each other. Very inspiring!

We had a great week in Delhi, shopping for fabrics to our new collections - Best Behavior Black and Best Behavior Bazar. So much fun handpicking nice and colorful fabrics and the guys from the store slowly realizing that we were the customer of the day : )

We worked day and night at the hotel and at our suppliers office designing two new collections - styles, labels, hangtags etc. We explored markets for new products to Best Behavior Shop, where we found beautiful carpets, natural soaps, rings, wallhangers and colorful bedsheets among other things.

Look forward to our next trip visiting our new supplier and the girls orphanage.