Best Behavior Story - Kirstine Marie Fabricius

Best Behavior Story - Kirstine Marie Fabricius

Meet Kirstine Marie Fabricius - a talented power lady who inspires us

Kirstine is an experienced lady with many skills. She is an entrepreneur, author, facilitator, teacher, body therapist and yoga teacher - and recently she became a mom too. Lost your breath? We totally get it - we admire Kirstines skills to both be innovative, engaged in many projects AND be aware of how to not get lost and forget yourself and your own needs.

Her business is called ‘Styrk Dig’ - which literally means Strengthen Yourself. One of her current projects (more than being on maternity leave) is writing a book with tips for new yoga teachers.
We asked Kirstine a few questions, as she is one of the women we are inspired by - she is pure good energy, always contributing with good advice or ideas and always in a very mindful way.

We would love to know how her perception of Best Behavior is - and why she chooses to be an active member of our Best Behavior Community.

The first time I met Best Behavior was?

At a designers market in Korsgadehallen in Nørrebro. Back in 2013 I think. I was attracted by the lovely patterns, colors and soft fabrics.

My favorite Best Behavior item:
I have a lot of favorit Best Behavior items, but these days (also because of the season) it’s the Maya Cardi Black made of knitted wool – I live in that thing!

How does wearing Best Behavior make you feel?
Colorful and comfortable.

Why do you like wearing Best Behavior?
Because I can look good and feel great at the same time. Earlier on I wore a lot of s*** tight clothes in nasty materials – but you can actually look good in soft clothes. Also I like that depending on styling the clothes can be both relax wear and festive. It’s so great that people respond – if I wear some of the patterned items – ‘oh, I get all happy looking at your clothes’ or if wearing – for an example the Maya Cardi – ‘oh, it looks SO nice and comfy to be you’. I almost always get a respond if wearing BB items.

How do you prefer wearing Best Behavior (styling)?
These days mostly relax wear styling, but also with heels and a cocktail in the summer time.

What makes you feel mindful?
A long walk by the seaside or along the harbour of Copenhagen.

What makes you feel colorful?
Wearing spring colored nail polish on fingers and toes while eating ice cream or sipping bubbles in the sun and talking with a good friend or wearing a Best Behavior multi colored outfit ;-)

What makes you feel playful?
Practicing or teaching flow yoga class or listening to pop music while dancing around and singing along.

Describe your favorite Best Behavior memory:
Before Best Behavior Shop the brand travelled around to markets and had several pop up shop-event. At one occasion, when the multi coloured print bedlinen was out, there were a pop up shop in Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro and I had it on my calendar and agenda for that weekend; I had to stop by to but that colourful and wonderful bed linen. I still have it and it is one of my favourite bed linen – I get so happy each time I use it.

What do you like the most about Best Behavior?

The fabrics are soft, the patterns are GREAT; colourful and playful, the items are long lasting in wearing and washing and the production is sustainable.


Thank you so much for contributing Kirstine - and for being a treasured soul in our Best Behavior community! We can't wait to get more visits from you and Baby Birte both in Best Behavior Shop and our office/showroom!