Milla's Moments

Milla's Moments

Favorite moment the other day - playing with play dough in the kitchen. Day Body with Fish print 150kr / 20€

This is a photo diary of my almost two-year-old daughter, Milla. 

I take so many photos of her to remember all the small great moments we have every day. In this blog post, I will show you some of them.

She lives with me, Johan (her dad), Malene (from Best Behavior) and Kristina in a collective at Østerbro, Copenhagen. She is surrounded by love and happiness every day and we have so much fun!

For our new line; Best Behavior Child, we were very much inspired by Milla and who she is as a person. She has a very strong personallity and is quite a tomboy - wild, cool and fearless. She is very outgoing and says hi to everyone and has a great sense of humor. We have tried to use these characteristics in our way of designing - unisex childrens wear with a cool and fun twist to it.

Favorite moment today when Milla sat here in her room with her dummy attached to a balloon, so it wouldn't fly away - (behind; Best Behavior "Copenhagen" poster)

Mornings - on her way out in her olive Cosy pants 200 kr / 27 € and Daybody with fishprint 150 kr / 20€. This print is made by our friend and artist; Sjulle - check her art on Facebook under Sjulle Art.

Bedtime in Millas room with her Best Behavior pillows 350 kr / 46€ and Baby bedlinen for with Funny Guy print 350 kr / 46€

Loves to wear her bike helmet and her Best Behavior Baggy pants with multi print 200 kr / 26€

Here she is - sleeping - like an angel after a long, fun day! Nightbody Multiprint 150kr / 20€

Here she is in our Best Behavior Multi printed night body and under the same printed bedlinen for children. I love these kinds of mornings when she is in a great mood.