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    We love prints. As simple as that! We've always designed our own prints, but for the children's wear collection, we've had some pretty amazing collaborations, this time.

    The Fish Print

     The Fish Print is an artwork created by our friend; the very talented artist Sjulle Anker, who loves to draw, paint and sculpt and has made a lot of really fantastic art! The fish is -among other places - painted on the wall of a famous restaurant in Copenhagen called Madklubben. Please check out more art from Sjulle Anker on her Facebook site in the same name.


    The Funny Guy Print

    Our friend and artist Sjulle Anker made a series of hand drawn sketches of these weird men’s faces. A superhero, a nerd, a freak, a guy from a fairytale and the average guy you meet on the street. We call them The Funny Guys. We put them all together in one print and used it on jersey and bedlinen for Baby and Junior. For more amazing artwork made by Sjulle Anker, check her Facebook site. 


    The Monster Print

     The Monster Print is a stencil of a paper cutting, made by an 8-year-old autistic boy named Santino. He loves creating friendly monsters and superheroes in his spare time. He gave a bunch of these paper cuttings as a gift to his teacher, who is a good friend of ours. We scanned one into the computer and made it into a stencil, this is how it ended up. We hope you know its a friendly monster who only wants to hug you and will take good care of you always.

    Here it is in orange also

    The Multi Print

    The Multi Print is a typical Best Behavior graphic print. We love these clean shapes and bright colours. Here is one of our personal favorite artworks, drawn by hand and scanned into the computer, made by Best Behavior.


    The Wish List Print

    The Wish List Print (or Ønskeliste in Danish) is made by my 8-year-old nephew David. These are his personal wishes for Christmas last year. I asked him to make me a new one this year, but his handwriting had improved so much in a year, it looked completely different! The translation is: splat gun, lego, trampoline, football cards, clothes = t-shirt + pants, a cat, iPod, money :) He never got the cat.  


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