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    As some of you may know, Best Behavior took a break for a year. We needed time to gather new energy, and find inspiration for new products. We wanted to make some changes in our company - to become more personal and to have more contact with the people who are truly important to us- YOU! This blog is one of the ways to show you more about who we are and what we do. Another way is to host more sales events, where we can meet people face to face. Well, mostly the Danish people anyway.

    This picture is from our 4 day pop-up store in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Sign up for our newsletter or like us on Facebook to get invited to our events. We would love to meet you :) 

    This is one of the markets we attend in Copenhagen called FindersKeepers. It’s a really cool designer market where people sell jewelry, graphic prints, vintage clothes and all kinds of other limited designer stuff. They are now expanding to Århus. Stay updated with the next market on FindersKeepers facebook- or web site. We recommend it!

    Here we are at a street sale in Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen. We love being in the streets, meeting people face to face and that whole marketplace feeling. We always have so much fun at these events, especially since a lot of friends always stop by. Please visit us next time.

    This is Lili and Johan, our 2 new partners in Best Behavior. This was the evening we decided to establish the new company together and to make childrenswear. Good food, wine, good people and talks about the future. It’s always so exciting to start new concepts. What an evening it was.

    Then we got started brainstorming designs, patterns, colours for the new collections. Besides womens’ wear, we wanted to make children’s wear and interior stuff too- an old dream was finally coming true!

    Here are some of the colours from the new designs, which we’ve used in all 3 product lines. We always make a kind of “mood board” with different colour combinations when we’re getting started on new developments. We absolutely love this part of the process!

    Then we designed the new necklabels and hangtags for Child and Interior (Home) - the new product lines. We were so excited when these first labels arrived from India. We think these new labels represent Best Behavior style very well. Hope you like them too.

    Here we are, with Marie and her daughter Milla, working on the Patchwork blanket for Interior and Child. Deciding which patches go where, is a difficult- but fun task. This blanket is the first item we ever designed for Child, and really what got the idea of making children’s wear started in the first place. The Patchwork blanket is one of our favorite items.

    This is Malene and Lili, in Lili’s office and this is what our faces looked like when we opened the first box from India with proto samples of the new Woman collection. Here, the samples are made in yellow sweat fabric, but on the webshop the colours are neon orange, striped, black, brown and in multi-coloured print.

    This is a item we call “Baby wrap” and this was the first sample we received, which was kind of an experiment. We tested it on Milla, Marie and Johans’s baby girl, and she loved it! She felt warm and comfortable, but of course, it’s better to use for a sleeping baby.

    Then the samples began arriving in the right fabric, and we were so excited when we opened the boxes from our supplier in India! The colours and prints looked absolutely amazing! We couldn’t wait to share it with you guys, but there was still a long process before we could start selling it on the webshop.

    This is our brand new soft, cotton bedlinen that we made for Baby and Junior. The "Funny guy" print is drawn by a really good friend of ours, Sjulle Anker. She is a very talented artist, and you can find her work on anker. She also made the beautiful Fish print illustration that you'll find on some of our Child styles (see board below) The yellow robot and orange monster is made by a 8 year-old boy called Santino, who let us make prints from his drawings and paper cuttings.   

    We invited all our friends with small kids over for fitting and photoshoot, and it was so cool for us to finally see all the designs “come alive”. We had such a fun day with all the kids and their moms in our livingroom. You can see the pictures we took that day in the next blog post.

    How to customize hangers: Take some plastic hangers and a bowl of water, and prepare strips of fabric that are covered in plaster. Dip the strips of fabric into the water, wrap it around the hanger and wait for it to dry. Customize in your own style with acrylic paint and voila! Colourful childrens’ hangers. It was actually just an experiment, but we loved the result that came out of it, so we decided to use these hangers for our product shots of the childrens' wear.

    Here is our new office in Copenhagen that we share with 20 other people! We love the creative space and kind, relaxed atmosphere here. The place is called LOD67 and will also be a place where we host events. We love to show off our new beautiful products on our walls for everyone to see! Childrens wear, logo bag and Pillows/Floor pillows in stacks! This is where it goes down! :)

    Photoshoots can be hard work! We were shooting photos of all the new stuff in our own studio. Marie is wrestling the Floor Pillow, trying to change the cover for the next shot. Check out the size of this Floor pillow !

    Johan is getting the technicalities and equipment ready for the photoshoot. Getting the photo studio up to speed is quite a task. What would we have done without him! :)

    And here we are! Shooting away, behind the scenes. Marie behind the camera, Malene holding the products on the striped branches! It was really fun and quite difficult to hold the branch still. But I think we did a pretty good job, and we got the look we wanted. Please judge for yourself in the webshop :)

    Here is our wonderful and beautiful friend and model, Mille! She’s wearing the neon orange Milla Cardi and the striped Milla pants. It was a great day - especially because we always joke around behind the scenes. Love the product shots and also the image photos we made with Mille. See the image pictures of Mille here on the blog.

    Best Behavior posters - in the making! Yep, our new products include graphic works (posters) that you can buy here on the webshop. Here Marie is picking out colours and deciding poster proportions in the print house.

    Here is an example of the new Best Behavior posters. Don't worry, it's not supposed to look straight. This one is called Copenhagen poster, and is sold in our webshop. Check out Hawaii and Florida poster as well! We looove them!

    Finally! The day we had waited for! Our boxes with all the new, cool Best Behavior stuff arrived in our warehouse from India! After a whole month at sea! We were so excited to open the doors of the shipping container and see all the good stuff inside.

    Happy, happy Malene and Marie inside the huge shipping container filled with our new products. It felt like Christmas eve when we opened the boxes in our warehouse. Check out all this great stuff on our webshop. We hope you’ll love it just as much as we do. It has taken a long time to arrive, but now it’s finally here.

    Best Behavior - Maternity Basic Top hides inside this box. Check it out in our webshop, it has travelled all the way from India, and is a great new design for women who are nursing.

    And this is us, working on the new developments for Best Behavior KNITWEAR! Child and Woman styles, that we plan on selling online and at sales events from this Fall! We’ve always loved designing knitwear, knit it is really one of our favorite materials. Look out for lambswool and mohair yarns, sign up for our newsletter if you want an invite to our next sales event or updates in your inbox.

    Here we are in Lili's summerhouse, finalizing the last things for the website! :) 

    This is what we've been doing for the last year, we hope you want to follow the new Best Behavior, here on the blog or on Facebook. In the next blogpost, you can see the amazing image photos of the kids we took a few months back. Enjoy.  

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