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  • Our home in Boligmagasinet!

    In February 2014, Marie (right) and I (Malene, left), had our home featured in the Danish interior magazine, called Boligmagasinet. In this article you can read about the way we have chosen to live our lives - in a commune (collective) in Copenhagen. 
    We live in an appartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen, with Marie's husband (and co-owner of Best Behavior) Johan and their girl, Milla. (2 1/2 years). With us lives also our good friend Kristina, graphic designer and singer in the Danish band, Vinnie Who.
    We all love spending time together and having people over, that's why it's natural for us to chose to live under the same roof.
    You can also see our passion for interior decorating, my wall paintings and Best Behavior Home interior products. 
    We love the way this article turned out! 
    In the picture above is our Patchwork blanket and Pillows, that you can purchase here- online.


    Bomber jacket and Zip suit for children hanging in the window in Milla's room. Bedlinen in multiprint for adults! We have it for Baby and Junior too! On the wall of Marie and Johan's bedroom, are paintings made by me (Malene) given as a wedding present. The Circle of Zen (the black ring in orange frame) is an old buddhist symbol, that symbolizes enlightenment, elegance and strength.


    My room! I collect round objects, that I find when I travel or at flea markets. Here, on my bed, is the Best Behavior Patchwork blanket, with the backside up and the Bedlinen in bronze/black stripes. Oh, and one of my paintings above the bed, of course:)  And my favorite Verner Panton lamp! Love it


    As you can see, we love mixing bright colours, patchwork, prints, graphic/geometric shapes, old and new, organic and straight lines! In the corner of our living room, Marie made a HUGE lamp for Johan as a surprise birthday present. It is unique, one-of-a-kind. Marie made the screen and our friend, Kristian, made the wooden foot/stand of the lamp. 


    This is where many of our designs come to life. The favorite work corner is in the kitchen. And where all good parties always end up. The kitchen is an important room!
    Wallpainting triangles speak for themselves. This was actually the inspiration for the Lisboa Tee (for children) and the Copenhagen Poster, that you can buy here in the shop.  

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