We've opened a shop in Copenhagen

We've opened a shop in Copenhagen

Finally ! After all these years, we now have our own shop in Copenhagen, Nørrebro! This time it's not a pop-up shop, but a permanent shop. And we LOVE it ! It's situated in the heart of one of the best areas, Nørrebro.

The shop is called "GUL" - which means "yellow" in Danish. 
In the shop you'll find Best Behavior women's wear + childrens' wear and our 2 sister brands: Mallow and Re-sources.

Blågårdsgade 18
2200 Copenhagen N (Nørrebro)

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday // 11-17.30
Saturday // 11-16


Mallow is a brand for boys age 4-14. It's streetwear, funky colours and prints and only comfortable fabrics. www.mallow.nu 
Malene from Best Behavior is co-owner and co-designer of Mallow, together with her partners, Morten Ipsen and Lili Denta.


Re-sources (soon changing name to Yogamii) is a 100% organic - GOTS certified - yogawear brand. www.re-sources.dk
Marie from Best Behavior is co-owner and designer of Yogamii, together with Lili Denta.


Welcome to GUL