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Wearing Best Behavior makes me feel good and makes me happy!

I consider all of my Best Behavior clothes as classics and I never get tired of them...I just love them;) So, well...wearing Best Behavior makes me feel good and makes me happy!

Best Behavior Shop - new name and renovation

In september 2018 we closed our store at Blågårdsgade for a week and did a full renovation of the premises. We painted, fixed the floors and light, made new cute details - and when we opened up again the store had a new name!

Trip to Delhi

Sitting on the plane on our way home from one week in Delhi - blown away from impressions, people, colors and noises all over the place.

Who made your clothes?

Most of Best Behavior products are manufactured in Tirupur (South India) by a manufacturer called Jayaprabha. Since 2003 we have built a close relation the Jayaprabha team, and together with Lili, our production guru, standards for fair working hours, good work environment and safety. 


Meeting Stine Brink

'Thank you for providing the world with such quality and sustainable clothing. It's AMAZING!'

The Prints

See the story behind each Best Behavior print.

Women's wear photoshoot

Here are the image photo's of the small womens' collection we shot of our beautiful model, Mille.

Children's wear photoshoot

The day where all the children's wear came alive :) See the amaaazing kids who helped us make our dream come true!

See what Best Behavior did in 2012

A look behind the scenes in the life of Best Behavior.