Best Behavior Shop- opening hours

Here are our shop opening hours for this week. Note that hours may change from week to week.

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See you in Blågårdsgade 18
Copenhagen N

Best Behavior Shop- opening hours
Best Behavior shop window in Blågårdsgade

About Best Behavior Shop

The shop is situated in the heart of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, in a lively street full of local cafés, bars, secondhand shops and art galleries. Our atmosphere is relaxed and we hope to give you a personal experience when you visit us.

In the shop, we sell mainly Best Behaviors own designs as well as our own GOTS certified yoga brand; Yogamii. 

You will also find: crystals, colourful scarves, purses, sunglasses, dreamcatchers, handknitted beanies and bio degradable faceglitter from Eco-Sparkles.  

We welcome you in our sustainable universe!  

20 years of Best Behavior

20 years of Best Behavior

It's crazy how time flies when you are having fun and doing what you love. Since we were established in 2001, Best Behavior has been an exciting and meaningful journey....and it still is!

We have always loved to design clothes and be creative, but to see how our design makes people feel is really what motivates us to keep creating comfortable, mindful and colourful clothing.

Our most important signature styles would be our capes, cardigans and our baggy pants. Recently we started sewing and creating handmade unique items in our studio, and it is so much fun. Check out our Exclusive line, that features these one-of-a-kind designs that we sew and make ourselves.

Our passion for creating interesting capes, has lead us to find fabrics that are leftovers from other productions, also known as "deadstock". We like to work with these kind of fabrics, because we get unique styles and no fabric goes to waste. It's a win win!

These fabrics include soft cottons, cool viscoses, recycled silk and crazy funky glitter fabrics. Some are thick, woven fabrics in amazing patterns.

Every piece is different and has it's own personality - just like our customers.

Our trips to India to visit our suppliers, are very important to us. Who made your clothes?

Who made our clothes?

We strive to be a kind, personal, unique and sustainable brand. 

We wish to be transparent and mindful in how we work, through environmentally sustainable production and long lasting personal relationships with the people who make our clothes in India.


*We aim to design clothes that have a long life in design and fabric quality.
*We don't work in seasons or tight deadlines, because we believe in "slow fashion".
*The fabrics that we produce ourselves, are made with care for people and environment, in organic cotton with Oeko-tex certification.
*We work in recycled silk made from 2nd hand Indian saris, that are sewn in a small workshop in Goa.
*We design unique capes and dresses from fabric leftovers that we handpick in India.
*We use fabric leftovers, so that no fabric goes to waste, and we use the scraps to make purses, key hangers or scrunchies = zero waste. 
*We treat the people that make our clothes with big respect and gratitude, and we wish to be completely transparent about who makes our clothes.
*We chose to work only with suppliers who care for the environment and for their employees.
*We donate money to a tree planting NGO in India. More info soon.

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